Pyrenees French bread is baked fresh every day using the finest ingredients and no preservatives. We offer different bread types from sourdough loaves shaped by hand to sliced wheat bread. We also offer a large range of bread styles ranging from small dinner rolls to 8 foot long special sandwich loaves

The distinct flavor for Pyrenees French Bakery sourdough bread comes from its French sourdough style recipe based on a sourdough starter that has been maintained for over 60 years. Our sourdough bread does not have a sharp taste like some typical "San Francisco Style" doughs.Care is taken during the dough preparation process to ensure the traditional subdued sour taste. Our brick ovens give the sourdough a hearty crust.

Our sweet dough bread is the French version of the classic white bread. Pyrenees sweet dough is lighter than sourdough and has a thinner crust. Along with our sourdough it is a staple on the family table and in the deli. Pyrenees French bakery also offers wheat, hearty dark multigrain, and rye breads.

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